Prof Kevin Morrell
11 Feb 2017

The use of models in the management of employee turnover


In this paper, we present an overview of the literature on labour turnover. We begin by outlining the justification for continuing research into turnover, and discuss the key themes of meaning, measurement and prediction, relating these to the organizational goal of effective management of turnover. We argue that despite contextual, relational and epistemological complexities surrounding the phenomenon, the economic and psychological dimensions to turnover, as well as its organizational significance, justify the use of models in turnover research. A dichotomy is introduced between two traditions of turnover.

research: the labour market school and the psychological school. A critique of the labour market account of turnover is offered, and then four key models from within the psychological school are presented and critiqued. We conclude that the inability of both schools of turnover research to explain and predict turnover adequately restricts the scope for organizations to manage turnover effectively, and that there is a need for new theory

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